HiroSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that investors can use to buy and sell tokens, including its native currency HIRO. Unlike other projects, later version will not be linked with PancakeSwap in any way, and as such will not be subject to network congestion and constant swap failures. As the DEX grows, its user interface (UI) will be updated to improve user experience and functionality, with aims for it to become the primary token exchange service available in the Decentralized Finance space.

Due to Hiroswap being a dynamic utility, it will evolve through numerous versions โ€“ with each improving its functionality and features.

Version 1: (Active Version)

Utilizes PancakeSwapโ€™s factory and router contracts. Default slippage is set to correct 12% amount, and the token list is auto loaded for new users, to ensure ease of use.

Version 2: (In Active Development)

It will feature its own dedicated factory and router contracts (featuring the benefits mentioned above) as well as additional customized and built-in features such as an auto burn of Hiroki Token after each transaction is made on the DEX. Implementation of extra features are being actively discussed at the time of writing, and will be added to the whitepaper once officially confirmed.

Version 3: (Under Review)

This version will evolve to become a multi-chain DEX and will pave the way for its use on the upcoming HirokiChain network.

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