Memes represent modern culture in a way that is difficult to define. They are inherently random, yet exceptionally popular and pervade into almost all mediums, with the decentralized finance space being no exception. The fundamental issue is that most meme tokens are rarely successful long-term as they piggy-back on specific hype that loses traction once the subject matter has been replaced with something new. With an absence of utility, these projects then typically fade into obscurity before ceasing trading, while new ones take their place. This rinse and repeat cycle is damaging to both investors and the overall space as a whole. Conversely, projects with the right concept, team, community, and strategy can become immensely successful, and help increase general market adoption – as seen with projects such as Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Floki.

The project itself was conceptualized through the ideation of a group of cryptocurrency veterans who were jaded from the poor quality meme projects and scams that litter the space, and wanted to create a meme that wouldn’t simply tag onto a cultural cornerstone, but would create its own strong brand identity, with engaging themes and unique mascot – one that would have the staying and growth power to transcend its meme origins and follow in the footsteps of previous, successful tokens.

Thus, Hiroki was born.

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