This whitepaper has been created for informational purposes only and may be changed in the future. None of the information contained within this document should be taken as investment and / or financial advice, nor does it constitute an offer of any description. The digital asset that is the subject of the whitepaper is not a capital market instrument, financial instrument, or security.

Digital assets have high volatility. Therefore, it is recommended that all individuals who purchase Hiroki tokens or any associated products should have knowledge about digital assets, blockchain and smart contracts. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) assets are considered very high-risk. Neither the Hiroki community nor its creators are liable for insufficient information given in this whitepaper, updates, or damages that may arise related to information contained within this document. Decisions to purchase tokens and the financial results occurring after cannot be bound to the Hiroki community or its creators. Individuals should make their own risk assessments and always do extensive research before investing.

Thank you for your interest in Hiroki.

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