๐Ÿ”—HirokiChain (HIROC)

The ultimate aim of the project is to produce its very own blockchain, designed to compete against the best in the space. Key features of HirokiChain will include negligible gas fees, fast processing times, and a bridging function, which will allow cryptocurrencies and decentralized tokens to be exchanged cross-chain without the need for KYC or CEX accounts. There will also be staking and yield farming options available to those who use the platform, giving them additional Hiroki token reflections as a reward for proof of stake, allowing them to then be used either in Blades of Hiroki, held, or sold for real-world profit.

HirokiChain will also feature a number of dApps, which โ€“ due to the project being community based โ€“ will use voting from the community itself to decide on. This is outlined in greater detail below.

In addition, HirokiChain will allow creators and supporters to store, share, stream and trade any digital experience directly onto the blockchain. The high-performance network will offer exceptional security and privacy, whilst giving full autonomy of user data to the users themselves. Built with a creatorโ€™s economy and monetization opportunities in mind, future utilities will include the creation and sale of non-fungible tokens (NFTS) as well as metaverse functions, such as event ticketing, paid content streaming, and much, much more.

Due to the high cost and development time of a fully-functional blockchain, this utility will be created last, and a percentage of the revenue gained from Blades of Hiroki, as well as a percentage of the tokenomic taxation will be used to fund its creation. An exact timeline cannot be given on its completion date, but as it is the key focus of the project, as much time and resources as physically possible will be allocated to releasing it as soon as physically possible.

Full details on HirokiChain will be revealed in the coming months, and this whitepaper will be updated accordingly.

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