đŸĒ™HIRO token

HIRO is a utility token featuring a dedicated smart contract, currently native to the Binance Smart Chain Network (BSC) but with future plans to bridge to the Ethereum Network (ERC). The total supply of tokens at creation point was 10,000,000,000 (Ten Billion) with 2,000,000,000 (Two Billion) tokens burned at launch, leaving a total circulating supply of 8,000,000,000 (Eight Billion) available for trading on the open market. A percentage of these tokens will later be folded into the Blades of Hiroki F2P NFT game, although the exact amount has yet to be decided. The liquidity pool is fully locked, with links to the platform used – as well as the contract itself - always available for full inspection upon request through the official Telegram community.

Our Tokenomics

The project features a 10% Buy and Sell taxation fee, which is used to aid the project and its growth. The breakdown is as follows:

5% Marketing: This is used to raise awareness through various promotional strategies, such as key influencers, out-of-home marketing (such as billboards), chart buybacks channels, feature articles, press releases, and competitions.

3% Auto Liquidity: This is used to guarantee a reduction in price volatility and ensure smooth transacting when trading the token.

2% BUSD Rewards: This is used to reward loyal holders of Hiroki token with passive reflections of Binance Smart Chain based BUSD cryptocurrency. The larger amounts of Hiroki tokens owned by an individual, the more they will receive from each buy and sell on the smart contract.

Please note that taxes are subject to possible change over the lifetime of the project, in order to adjust the healthy liquidity pool ratio, and increase or decrease the levels of reward tax. All decisions will be subject to DAO community vote before being put into action.


Hiroki values its community. To this end the project will feature a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) aspect that utilizes a bottoms-up approach. This means that those who hold a large number of Hiroki tokens will have an official say (alongside the core team) through voting that will decide the future direction the company will take through pre-defined parameters, with every member typically sharing a common goal to advance in the best interests of the project. All votes the DAO system makes are posted on the blockchain, meaning full transparency and clarity publicly viewable. Full details of where to vote can be accessed through the official website and Telegram channel.

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